Current Position
Current Telescope Position
The yellow dashed lines show the projection of X,Y onto Az,El, the outermost being the antenna limits.
Left Drives
Right Drives
Left Brakes
Right Brakes
Left DAC
Right DAC
Drives Word
Focus X
Focus Y
Focus Z

the name of the telescope

Time Information Local DateDOYUTCSolarLMSTJulian Date

Telescope Status ModeStatePowerControl FunctionFunc. State

Current Position RA (B1950)Dec (B1950) RA (J2000)Dec (J2000) XY AzimuthElevation

Demanded Position LeftRightLeft ErrorRight Error Left Int. ErrorRight Int. Error Left StateRight State

Weather Conditions TemperaturePressureHumidity Wind SpeedWind DirWind State
°C hPa % km/h °

Safety State Limit StatePanic ButtonsWatchdog State

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